overlaying existing image with semi transparent image

I have a radiometric image which a heat sensing camera is pointed at

I need to read the heat data from the picture (out of the scope of this question)
Each pixel will have a temperature reading, and i need to look up a legend as follows:

green = 0-100
red = 100-200

I need a semi transparent layer over the image which colors each pixel in either red or green based on the temperature reading of the pixel

What would be the best solution for this, do i need to dynamically cycle through each pixel and then construct a semi transparent image overlay  that goes over existing JPG image?
Looking for some ideas here if there are other ways and possible issues with overlaying 2 images over each other!
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Julian HansenCommented:
Please take a look at this EE article and see if the methods discussed there are what you are looking for.


If not, or if you have any questions regarding any of those methods please feel free to post back here.
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