Scanning Symantec laptops with McAfee agents, downside?

All of my assets laptops and servers run semantic for antivirus and protection, the security operation center that’s now providing additional security use McAfee. how will this impact my server and laptop loads?

There are live scans and after hours
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
If you are saying installing the McAfee agent into the laptop and server that already has existing Symantec Endpoint Protection then that is strongly not advisable. The AV is already running real time live scanning and having another one will actually leads to crash and actually there will be driver conflict if forced installed.

For those without SEP, you may then consider McAfee. Actually the SOC should be monitoring the SEP already and have logs from SEPM send to SOC SIEMS for correlation, there is really no need for another AV - there must be rationale for the deployment of the "additional" agent.

As a whole, it is also not recommended you load your endpoint system with multiple agent - esp when those agents have duplicate capability. Go for differentiation - maybe endpoint system is SEP and network and infrastructure is under other McAfee solution portfolio. Performance impact is inevitable for live scan so you should watch for whitelisting of files of known appl/OS by recognised publisher.
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