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Krzysztof KubiakConnect With a Mentor Windows Server AdministratorCommented:
Hello Pramod.

Its a very General Question you asked. It really depends what you want to Achieve with it.

I would start to look at this:

And maybe to not spend too much money if you want to test it Stard with a Standard Edition. The Standard Edition doesn't allow you to have Full High Availibilty, but you don't need to spend money for a SQL Backen Server.

As mentioned before depends what you want to use it for:
- IM
-Phone System
- A Local Chat application with Audi/Video
-For Conference with External Partner.


I suggest you also look at this Planning Tool form Microsoft

After finishing a easy Wizard you will get a Diagran and configuration details with requirements.
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
Using Skype, you are using Microsoft as the Server Infrastructure, they acquired Skype.

Lync was more for the Mac users, but, that has shifted back to Skype and Skype for business.
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