Nginx as reverse proxy

I am running nginx on a raspberry pi.

I want to run it as a reverse proxy.

I have multiple servers running ssl and one needing forwarding on multiple ports (2195,2196,5228,5229,5230,38880,38881,80,443)

My question is two fold.

Is this even possible? in other words can you forward ports that are non http based ports. For example ports other than 80 8080 443 stuff like that.

I own a domain linked to a dynamic DNS service so I have * available (* being anything I want it to be)
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Cliff AlbertSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
I believe YES you can... I have a copy of Complete NGINX Cookbook, you can also download this for free, with form info filled out.
beatifiedAuthor Commented:
great thanks I'll take a look at it.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Yes you can, except there might  be a better solution in haproxy.
Martin MillerCTOCommented:

Cliff and I both pointed you at helpful nginx documentation. I have been using nginx for 4 years both as a proxy and load balancer.

Let us know if there is anything else you need.

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