Trouble login to Cisco 2800 router

Trouble login into Cisco 2800 console, I'm always promoted to enter username/password right after reboot and they must be Cisco/Cisco but it says invalid login
Ahmed MohamedAsked:
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Scott TownsendIT DirectorCommented:
If the Console is asking for a Username and password it was setup with User Authentication. (aaa config commands)

Is there any config that you need to save on the 2800? Or can you get it via Telnet?  If you don't have a way to get in and configure it, you will have to wipe it, or do the funky password recovery to get in. (Google the Cisco Router Password Recovery)

If you can get in, look at this to alter the way in which the Console Authenticates.

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Ahmed MohamedAuthor Commented:
The router is actually a part of training kit provided by my university for us as students to execute labs on it, so there is no problem to wipe out current config.
Just I don't know if it possible to do password recovery especially that the router says that security device manager (SDM).
However, I'll try your answer hopefully it will work.
Scott TownsendIT DirectorCommented:
Is it possible that the unit wasn't wiped before it was given to you and the user/pass that is on it is from the prior student?

From the console connection there is a way to get to the running config and make changes, though you need to be connected to the console and the Terminal Up and running when you power on the unit.
Ahmed MohamedAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for helping me, the solution you suggested worked.
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