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Additional router on existing network

I have an additional sonic wall router that is setup for two separate subnets. I have a fiber to Ethernet converted connected to the wan port. I have the other side of the fiber connected to a Cisco switch on my existing network. I need to allow internet traffic out to one of my existing public ips (which i have the static configured on my Sonicwall). How do I setup the switch port to “bypass” or go out to my existing Cisco router. I hope I make sense of this.
IT Nuvotronics
IT Nuvotronics
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi IT Nuvotronics,

You gateway should be the SonicWALL...I'm not sure why it is not. If you have multiple WAN connections you'd plug them into X1, X2, X3 and so on. From there you can route to your Core/Distribution switches independently with Security Contexting.  Even if you have diverse subnets it doesn't matter they should all go through the SonicWALL otherwise you are essentially circumventing your own security. Routers and firewalls are not the same.

Does that make sense?
IT NuvotronicsAuthor Commented:
The sonicwall is the extra router. I have my existing network and I have a room I have to setup with two separate networks that are not associated with anything for security. The two separate lans are setup properly on the sonicwall. I just need the wan to communicate. I have 5 usable IPs and two are being used. I am needing to use one of the other three IPs to go out from the sonicwall.

There is a fiber going into the room connected to my existing switch. My plan was to use this config to go out via the other usable IPs. Do I configure my switch as a trunk if it is connected to the sonicwall and switch port?
I am needing to use one of the other three IPs to go out from the sonicwall. 

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i have a similar configuration with two routers and an internal lan, the latter is using a switch which is not connected to any of the routers.

most pc's have two network cards and are connected to the internal lan with one of the cards and to one of the routers with the second NIC. only the second gives internet access and no other services.

IT NuvotronicsAuthor Commented:
I'm having issues with the 2nd router connecting to the fiber converter. Here is what I have. I went and connected a separate switch which I have tested and works. My issue is that in the room with the 2nd router will connect to a Fiber-Ethernet converted. There is not rx being transferred for a link. What am I missing?
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