Installing and accessing HP Array configuration Utility on Hyper-V core server

Hi All,

Have a core hyper-v server, does anyone have any direction about installing HP Array configuration Utility and how to access?

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AFAIK you have to install the Systems Management Homepage plus the ACU, them put the ACU into remote service mode and manage it remotely as there is no local GUI. ACU without SMH doesn't work as it needs SMH to provide the webserver. Alternatively you can just use the CLI hpacucli / hpssacli .
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Boot from the Proliant Support Pack CD, and reconfigure offline.

Assuming the server has it, you can see info about  the RAID array via the iLO connection.
R@f@r P@NC3RVirtualization SpecialistCommented:

You can perform the installation from the HP SPP

Then install the HP Array Configuration Utility tool manually.
Note also having to pinch oledlg.dll from full Windows and putting it where hpssa can get to it,
jaya31Author Commented:
Thanks all for the direction. What I did was got the HP managment systems to work. I mapped over to the hyper-v \ c$, dropped current smart storage administrator exe from HP then  installed the from the command line on hyper-v. The location it installed was -program files\smart Storage Administrator. Within the ssa\bin folder there is a ssaprefs.exe that allowed the management homepage to intergrate with with storage administrator, the default was disabled. Set to enabled and then logged back into HP management and was able to get the storage admin page. Thanks for the direction.
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