How do I convert RCA to HDMI?

I've got an older TV with RCA inputs and a new DVD player whose output is HDMI.

I've got a cable, which I found out after the fact, doesn't work without a converter box. I plugged it up and nothing showed on the TV screen. Here's the cable I purchased:

So, after doing a little research, I was able to determine that I needed a converter box. I bought this one:

After hooking it up in the most intuitive way I could envision, I turned on my TV and I've got sound, but the picture is in black and white and the image is doubling up. In other words, rather than one, sharp looking picture. I've got two "panes" and it looks bad.

What am I missing?
brucegustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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CompProbSolvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would agree with the others that a TV replacement may well be the best solution.

The device you are attempting to use puts out component video, which uses three coaxials cables for the video signals.  What you need is composite video, which uses a single coax cable for the video signal.  This is an example of a device that should do the job:

Nevertheless, I think the $45 cost would be much better put towards the cost of a new TV.
Martin MillerConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
I suspect you don't have 1080p with RCA

What is the screen resolution setting vs' the converter output ?  

Are there any setting for the convert box ?
Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
I've got an older TV with RCA inputs and a new DVD player whose output is HDMI.

The converter box appears to be delivering RGB instead of composite Y/C, so it's a bit surprising that the TV is displaying anything at all.

Here's my advice, which is free for gratis:  Don't spend any more money trying to make modern equipment worth with older equipment.  The industry turns upside down every ten years, and we consumers have to live with that.  Unless this TV has some unusual value to you I'd drop a couple hundred bucks, go to Walmart and buy a new 48" flat screen.  It'll have about every type of input available, you won't need to use any adapters, and the picture quality will be magnificent.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You can get a 32 inch TV with 2 HDMI input for less than $100 on sale and less than $200 not on sale from Walmart.  New TV's are pretty cheap.
brucegustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys!
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