Zenworks version 11.4 error message

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Dear Expert,

I use ZENworks version 11.4 . it occurs some error as attached. Please help .

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This occurs when the user account hasn't successfully authenticated to the ZCM zone during either login to the workstation/network or when you're pushing a user-assigned bundle or bundles to the workstation. Usually you can right click on the ZENworks client in the system try and choose "Show Properties". Look in the upper right corner of the screen to see if you see the logged-in user name or if it says "not logged in".

As the message says also "user password changed or user is deleted from user source". I doubt the user has been deleted but if their password changes and hasn't synced up, login will fail and hence apps won't deploy as you see by the message.

If the latter, go back to the system tray and choose Login from the right click menu on the ZENworks client icon.

If it shows a user logged in, it is possible that the ZAPP.exe (ZENworks Application) has crashed or didn't start correctly.  Check the services control panel and/or the task manager.

Hope that helps.


P.S. Have you looked at ZENworks 2017 with Update 2 yet?

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