24 or 32 bit image with Color List in WPF

Hi, I trying to create bitmap and use the code I found on internet.
  private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            var width = 300;
            var height = 300;
            List<System.Windows.Media.Color> colors = new
            BitmapPalette myPalette = new BitmapPalette(colors);

            var bitmap = new WriteableBitmap(width, height, 96, 96,
PixelFormats.Pbgra32, myPalette);
            var stride = (bitmap.Width * bitmap.Format.BitsPerPixel +
7) / 8;
            var pixels = new ushort[width * height];
            for (var y = 0; y < height; ++y)
                for (var x = 0; x < width; ++x)
                    var v = (0x10000 * 2 * x / width + 0x10000 * 3 * y
/ height);
                    var isMirror = (v / 0x10000) % 2 == 1;
                    v = v % 0xFFFF;
                    if (isMirror)
                        v = 0xFFFF - v;

                    pixels[y * width + x] = (ushort)v;

            bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height),
pixels, stride, 0);

            var encoder = new PngBitmapEncoder();
            using (var stream = System.IO.File.Create("my.png"))
            imageDisplay.Source = bitmap;

I just changed PixelFormats from Gray16 to Pbgra32 and added the color list. then the code stops to works.
In initial version it was this line: bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height), pixels, width * 2, 0); in my version
            bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height),
pixels, stride, 0);
If I replace stride with width * 2 (or width * 32) the buffer is not enough . If I use stride then there is conflict between pixels which are declared as ushort.
How can I create 24 or 32 bit image with color list?
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When I compile your code, I see error in this row
 bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height),
pixels, stride, 0); 

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The third parameter must be int.

Try to change one row:
var pixels = new ushort[(int)(stride * bitmap.Height)];

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mastiSoftAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Misha. It works now . But I had to change the last line also :bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height),pixels, (int)stride, 0);
Thank you for the quick answer!
glad to help you!
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