Windows 10 after update is boat anchor. Any recommendations?

User has a dell inspiron 1534.  it's about 1/2 year old. running win 10 home.

Said that yesterday he saw a message about applying updates, then after some time, it reboots and gates a 'no bootable media' found message.

With shadowprotect, I can see the C drive, along wiht 4 other partitions on the laptop.  C drive structure looks as expected, except that there's a windows.old folder that has user folder in it and that one has the username / their files.  the c:\users folder only has public and default folders.

I booted up from win 10 media, and triied the different rollback, troubleshoot, etc options and all faill  / say they are unable to fix things.

when doing the system restore and other choices, it shows 3 OS - rollback, win 10 and win 10. I try the restore and others for each OS, with no results.

a) is this (win 10 updates corrupting the computer) all that common?  Seems like there's loads of posts about this
b) anything I can do with this short of doing a clean install of win 10?
c) any way to avoid this situation again?
d) wiht the 4 other partitions, 1 seems to be the dell image as shipped.  But can't tell how to get to that.  I try f12 and that doesn't have factory restore in the list.
e) what do you think of reinstall windows, then just drop the shadow protect image of the C drive onto that clean install except for some key files for booting up?  (which files, I don't know).  That would save having to reinstall apps, etc. but with that windows and windows.old folders I guess that won't work.

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Honestly, there is no use in asking "why?". These things happen every now and then. Do image backups from time to time (start button - backup settings -Backup and Restore (Windows 7)) and you won't need to worry.

For now, install clean and restore c: with the image of that unbootable installation. if it works out - fine. If not, install clean and restore the data.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
I'd get in touch with Dell and/or Microsoft.  The unit should still be under warranty and might be outright replaceable.   Barring that, Microsoft is sure to have a solution you can use.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Here's a very thorough article on different ways to fix your startup, I recently had to use method 4
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
McKnife - thanks! Didn't think of shadowprotect for the restore directly! (Although that the current users are in c:\windows.old\users\[currentuser] and not in c:\users, I think the update isn't done / mangled too much.

But re using shadow protect for the restore.... there's LOADS of settings about booting that I always skipped over (I once asked a Storagecraft tech person to try to learn more abotu them / when to change them / what to change them to, etc.)  and he said .... just choose the defaults and that usually works : )

Paul; PLEASE don't take any offense.. this is more meant as a joke but... call MS or dell? Really?  being a director of IT, you may have different techs at dell, but my experience with dell is that they will say we are hardware - reinstall the OS and call us if you have problems.

and MS - you google windows 10 update no bootable device and you'll get LOADS of pages for the last few years...  I can't imaging a 1 on 1 session with someone that will actually amount to anything in any reasonable amount of time (less than days).  Am I jaded? again, written more as surprise at the comment than anything else.  That SHOULD be the answer for loads of things - call the manufacturuer... but that's why EE is here. Because the manufacturer fails at support : )   (and releasing updates thatn don't brick the computer).

Don, thanks!  Have to look at that article.
"the current users are in c:\windows.old\users\[currentuser] and not in c:\users" - is that so? Ok, then you are seeing an OS update gone bananas. Imaging the current partition and restoring it onto c: of a cleanly installed system will not help, then. Do reinstall and restore the data AND start using image backups - they can be scheduled easily and may even save to a network share / NAS at no cost.
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