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I have version IBM WebShere MQ , do I need to upgrade the system from AIX 6.1.9 to the AIX 7.1.4 now  the current version of QM is compatible?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAsked:
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Radek BaranowskiFull-stack Java DeveloperCommented:
Yes, as per
MQ 8 is compatible with AIX 6.1 so you maintain supported system config all the time before upgrading AIX to 7.x
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
OS Compatibility for MQ 6.0:

AIX 5.2 with Maintenance Level 3 [see note 7]
AIX 5.3
AIX 6.1 [see note 16]

See notes in IBM Technote for additional compatibility requirements.
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:

So do I first migrate to WebSphere MQ 8.0 maintaining 6.1.9 and then upgrade AIX to the correct 7.1.4 version?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
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