Using a LinkSys AC750 BOOST WI-FI Range Extender with an Apple Time Capsule to connect WIN 7 Laptop.

Can I use a LinkSys AC750 BOOST WI-FI Range Extender with an Apple Time Capsule (Ethernet connector) to provide LAN access with a Lenovo Win 7 laptop.

The user must have same (full) LAN access as iMacs.

I want to connect the Range Extender to the Time Capsule (with an Internet CAT5 cable) to serve one client, a person who has a Lenovo Windows 7 laptop. This laptop can not connect directly to the TC network, though another Windows 10 lap will connect. This is a special case for occasional use.

Hopefully, the resulting 'special case' setup will allow the ‘special case’ user to be on the Internet concurrently with up to 3 wireless iMacs.
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There's nothing that would prevent you from extending the network, and that in and of itself would not restrict what can be accessed. So would that one system be able to access the internet? Yes.
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
So the range extender should work, but, it won't have any integration other than wifi extend.

Note these typically use same SID and append text string like "_EXT" to your sid.
MARSPATHAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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