Windows Server Backup Remote Location Error

Hello - I am trying to setup a remote backup job through Windows Server Backup utility using Server 2008 R2. The destination server is outside of our LAN (approximately 200 miles away) and I have remote access to it (I can RDP to it). It is also on Server 2008 R2 and the backup utility feature is installed.
However, when I try and connect to it through the Backup utility it gives me the error attached.

Any ideas? I am stumped at this point.
Christopher HandIT Network EngineerAsked:
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R@f@r P@NC3RVirtualization SpecialistCommented:
good afternoon

The user account that you are using to run the backup has the correct permissions and has access to the shared folder. It can be a permission issue.

You validated the event viewer, validates the application events related to the backup, you can share the images of the errors you find.

I remain attentive to your comments.
R@f@r P@NC3RVirtualization SpecialistCommented:

Do you have a firewall between these two servers that are blocking communication between them?

both servers are configured in the corresponding Vlan?

Do you have any antivirus software installed on both servers?

Since when do you present the problem?

I remain attentive to your comments.

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