Query syntax convert?

Dear expert

Sometime I hate myself for the convert sql query that I still need help with it! Goddamnit... ok never mind...
Here is the question: I need to get query in a column with int value: 2131212-2312 and I wanna select only 2131212 ignore -2312.
I know there needs to be a convert because I tried with only 2131212 result was none.

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WeTiAuthor Commented:
And I found a way tho, just do: WHERE db.number LIKE '2131212%'; but anyway I still need to learn convert, so i give the point to someone who give me the convert query. thanks.
What do you want to convert? Do you want to convert string to int?
In this case try this code

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If you want convert int to string use this code:
SELECT CONVERT(varchar(10), number) FROM Table

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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
The problem is: You have a string, not a number. Thus you need to cut the number part you want to convert. This depends on the used SQL dialect and also on further constraints of your domain.
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WeTiAuthor Commented:
As I said the column has numbers like: 2131344-23444, I want to ignore what ever behind the -
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
This depends on the used SQL dialect and also on further constraints of your domain.

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SharathData EngineerCommented:
try like this.
create table test1(col varchar(100))
insert into test1 values ('2131212-2312')
select convert(int, substring(col, 1, charindex('-',col)-1)) 
  from test1
-- 	2131212

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WeTiAuthor Commented:
I want to close this question now, Sharath you just created a new table and insert all the result with the format in it... now this is not wrong but i got like millions of data... anyway divide points and close this...
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