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How much of a server do i need to run hyper v with 3 guests.

We are going to be purchasing a new server for one of our clients.
as far as disk space I know what i need.

When it comes to administering CPU and memory I'm not too sure what i need.

We will have 3 guest Machines in hyper v.
1. DC only
2, RDP server with up to 20 clients. Running office 2016 , Adobe, and SQL client software.
3 File server.

Does anyone know how to calculate what i might need or have a requirements table to go by?
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Shimshey Rosenberg
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There is no calculator that you can simply put in the 3 usages of the server and will tell you what to buy...
First of all you have to look what was the specs of the server you are replacing? Or,  is it a new purchase?
2, RDP server with up to 20 clients. Running office 2016 , Adobe, and SQL client software.
20 Concurrent clients?
Which Adobe products? what is "SQL Client"?  

What do is your primary role for file server? Read? Write? Both?

I am not saying that I will be able to answer you once you provide the details, just wanted to point out, that (in my opinion,) there is no "Calculator"  that you can use for this
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Philip Elder
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Thanks Phil the Performance expectations link helped.
I also contacted another party who told me the same specs.

I'm going with a Hp Proliant ML350 Gen 10 with 1-8 core CPU, 64 gigs of memory, 4 TB storage Raid 5, 2 power supply for redundancy.
and 2 licenses.
Thanks for everyone's help.
RAID 5 should not be used anymore. There's just too much risk with large drives requiring a lot of time to rebuild.

We only deploy RAID 6 when we're doing so with standalone systems.