Windows 10 Disk ) at 100%

Hello, I have a windows 10 system that Disk 0(C:) normally stays at 100% I have done some scans to the HD on the hard drive and it takes forever but then boots into windows. The drive is a Seagate 1TB drive I have gone into windows services and turn off windows search and Super Fetch and this did help but ever so often I still get 100% on the Hard Drive and suggestions or thoughts that the drive may be going bad? Below is the smart report of the drive

     [Drive 0 SMART REPORT]
     Model: ST31000524AS
     FirmWare: JC47
     Serial Number: 9VPDBG4F

     Value  Threshold  WorstValue  Status      Attribute
      81        6            68       0xF      Read Error Rate              
     100        0           100       0x3      Spin-up Time                  
     100       20           100      0x32      Start/Stop Count              
      76       36            76      0x33      Reallocated Sector Count      
      88       30            60       0xF      Seek Error Rate              
      37        0            37      0x32      Power-On Hours                
     100       97           100      0x13      Spin Retry Count              
     100       20           100      0x32      Power Cycle Count            
     100        0           100      0x32      SATA Downshift Error Count    
     100       99           100      0x32      End-to-End Error              
       1        0             1      0x32      Reported Uncorrectable Errors
     100        0            89      0x32      Command Timeout              
      78        0            78      0x3A      High Fly Writes              
      64       45            53      0x22      Airflow Temperature          
      36        0            47      0x22      Temperature                  
      45        0            26      0x1A      Hardware ECC Recovered        
      55        0            14      0x12      Current Pending Sector Count  
      55        0            14      0x10      Uncorrectable Sector Count    
     200        0           200      0x3E      UltraDMA CRC Error Count      
     100        0           253       0x0      Head Flying Hours            
     100        0           253       0x0      Total LBAs Written            
     100        0           253       0x0      Total LBAs Read
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You should open resmon (winkey+r ->resmon) and look at the disk section for a minute or so and share what files are being read/written most and what processe are behind these reads/writes.
Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
Run Chkdsk /r from power shell or administrative command prompt.  I had a drive like that misreporting information.  You are probably going to still want to test the drive after that with something like Western Digital Data Lifeguard.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also scan completely for viruses followed by a scan with Malwarebytes.  Nothing else I have seen would keep a disk at 100% for any length of time.
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Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
I would replace the drive based on the SMART info alone.  But if you are going to attempt to clone, run the CHKDSK /r first.
Yep, it could very well be both: a high IO throughput demand and a dying drive.
Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
Another thing you can do is get a tool like TreeSize and see what folder is taking up all the space.
According from output disk  or controller is dying or has bad cables/contact with cables.
Many Values from column value are equal or higher of WorstValue, which typically means - backup HDD while you still can and then think what can be wrong (replace drive).

Value  Threshold  WorstValue  Status      Attribute
      81        6            68       0xF      Read Error Rate            
     100        0           100       0x3      Spin-up Time                  
     100       20           100      0x32      Start/Stop Count              
      76       36           76      0x33      Reallocated Sector Count      
      88       30            60       0xF      Seek Error Rate              
      37        0            37      0x32      Power-On Hours                
     100       97           100      0x13      Spin Retry Count              
     100       20           100      0x32      Power Cycle Count            
     100        0           100      0x32      SATA Downshift Error Count    
     100       99           100      0x32      End-to-End Error              
       1        0             1      0x32      Reported Uncorrectable Errors
     100        0            89      0x32      Command Timeout              
      78        0            78      0x3A      High Fly Writes              
      64       45            53      0x22      Airflow Temperature           <-- bad cooling
      36        0            47      0x22      Temperature                  
      45        0            26      0x1A      Hardware ECC Recovered        
     55        0            14      0x12      Current Pending Sector Count  
      55        0            14      0x10      Uncorrectable Sector Count    
<-- bad blocks
     200        0           200      0x3E      UltraDMA CRC Error Count      
     100        0           253       0x0      Head Flying Hours            
     100        0           253       0x0      Total LBAs Written            
     100        0           253       0x0      Total LBAs Read

Looks like device is hot and correcting hardware errors.

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Deerek11Author Commented:
Sounds like I should buy a new drive to cover myself the 50% of the drive is full. I am debating on getting a  WD drive from best buy WD - Mainstream 1TB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Desktops, and clone the drive or ??????????????
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have a Lenovo Desktop with two 1 TB drives: one Seagate and one WD and both fine. Your drive has developed errors (happens) so replace it
Jonny BTech (CEO)Commented:
I agree with all the contributors on this post.  The hard drive smart results don't  look well at all.  If you want to get better perfomance out of the hard drive you are replacing.  i suggest you do one of these 3 things depending on  your situation.

1.)  If your drive budget is tight.  Go for a hybrid Hard drive.  They are really close to a standard hard drive and will boost performance some.

2.) If drive budget is super tight go for a faster rpm drive with higher cache of 32 or 64mb of cache

3.)  If the drive budget is not so bad.  Go for a solid State hard drive like a samsung evo. The solid state drives
really increase performance and speed the machines up.  The downside is they are much more expensive thus
not an option sometimes.
test the drive with the seagate diagnostic to be sure :
Mladen CvijanovicSystems AdministratorCommented:
I understood that 100% means that the disk is in heavy use all the time (or you meant it is full with the data up to 100%?). There might be a numerous reasons why the disk is using full resources. It might be a virus, some process that started and if disk is really old and failing and never finished that process while computer is on, it keeps that process restarting to be done (e.g. updates). You have to check out your processes too. Also it might be that you have corruption in your windows too. There is a lot of causes as I said and it can be tricky to find proper reason but if you dig enough deep you might get it.
you can allways test by installing windows fresh on another disk drive
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