Biggest Monitor suitable for PC screen - best bang for buck

Want to have a “Smart TV” with a keyboard and mouse

What he best value biggest screen available
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Alexandre MichelConnect With a Mentor Manager; IT ConsultantCommented:
Can you give more information:
* Which country are you in? Different brands are available in different countries
* What budget do you have?
* Are you looking for a TV that can connect to a PC? What kind of connector does the PC have?
* Are you looking for a 80" TV or 40" or what?
* How many devices will you connect to the TV? With what type of connectors?

Any TV with a HDMI connector will take a "Stick PC" like this one ... There amy other similar devices available on eBay, Amazon, etc
Alexandre MichelManager; IT ConsultantCommented:
Best solution provided
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