Telephone to and from SQL Database

What would I research for a Telephone application that would read and write to a SQL Database or similar.

The Telephone application would
Read Telephone # from the incoming phone call and check it with the database
      Recognize it or not Recognize
Telephone Ask --> What is the property ID
   User Responds-> 1234

Telephone Ask --> Was it finished with no problems?
   User Responds-> Yes/No
      If No --> What is the problems?
            User Responds-> xxxxx
and so on             

I'm not sure what to research, but I believe there is such a thing - when I call my credit card company they ask for my info so they can give me my balance

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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So your research should start with existing software providers. You may look at these applications at the beginning:

Some of them are offering trial versions so try them. But remember the above list cannot be complete and if you start searching web then you will find many more companies providing this kind of software.
SQL database is just a small portion of the whole system in this case. If you are developing such system then the data storage is something invisible in the backoffice and you should rather focus on the hardware and technology which you are planning to use.

You'll need good and reliable internet connection, VoIP PBX, and the software to handle all your needs. The database itself is almost irrelevant. Do you plan to write everything yourself or are you looking for the solution in a box?

I would recommend to start here:
And you may look e.g. here how such business can grow:
LJGAuthor Commented:
Thanks pcelba

I'm Looking for a Solution in a box - but easy to program

So have the Telephone Ask -->     What is the property ID
          when the User Responds-> 1234
                            The program looks up Property ID ---> 1234
                                     * If it finds the Property ID the telephone tells the user "Jones Dept Store 123 Main, Kansas City, MO"
                                     * If it can't find it, the telephone tells the user "Can't find  Property ID ---> 1234"  
                                       Do you want to disconnect or enter another number

I could see 20 questions like this most of them veering off in different directions

Any thoughts
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Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Note that on any mobile phone you get a recognition if the incoming calk...
So your problem is really a platform problem.-
BTW, why should you restrict the application to phones? It becomes obsolete and you should provide more channels.
Look here for survey software comparison:
LJGAuthor Commented:
Thanks pcelba!  I think your comments gave me what I needed to move forward.

CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Software
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