Hyper-V 2016 Cannot Take Production Snapshots

We have a brand new Windows 2016 Hyper-V host hosting just a few VM's. Two of those machines are older - one is Windows 2008 R2 the other is SBS 2008. These machines were recently virtualized (P2V) using Microsoft's Virtual Machine Converter 3.1. Both went perfectly and are both in operation.

At this point, my concern is the backups. We presently use Veeam and they depend on Hyper-V to be able to do "production" snapshots of the VM's as opposed to "standard" snapshots. Both VM's are able to be backed up, but without VSS or any application awareness. To be honest, I'm more familiar with VMware-world when it comes to this, but the only information I've found says to reinstall the Hyper-V integration services but that option was removed for Windows 2016.

I'm looking for guidance on getting my Hyper-V host to take production snapshots of my VM's or any troubleshooting steps to take to resolve.

These are the steps I've done to date:
  • Verified host and guests are both up to date via Windows Update
  • Verified that all services are being offered to the guests from the host via Hyper-V manager
  • Verified all Hyper-V services are started and running without issue on the guests
  • VSS writers are all in good order on both VM's
  • This is in the event viewer (Applications |Hyper-V-Worker | Admin, though I cannot find how to remedy it (Event ID 4000):

An error on the host's event log
  • Lastly, a screenshot of the running Hyper-V services on one of VM's:

An example of the Hyper-V running services on the VM
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
When production snapshots fail, it is almost always because integration services or VSS itself is misbehaving. It sounds like you checked VSS, so that leaves integration services.  

With P2V conversions, in many cases the necessary services are not enabled.  Here is a good article on how to check the service statuses in the guest, and how updating works on a 2016 host.  Specifically, you need the data exchange service running so it can update services in the guest, and the *host* must be up to date on WU to update the services in the guest.

Also of note, SBS 2011 is explicitly called out as not supported, and they didn't even bother to list SBS 2008.  SBS 2008 has several significant components that are officially out of all support and that server should be migrated and retired.  As a DC, it is near-unacceptable to leave it in production in any shape or form.


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robklubsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt and concise response, Cliff. I believe you are verbalizing what I've feared, that the guest OS's are just too old and out of date (past EOL). I had found that article that you referenced and read it beforehand - I used to to get that to check that the data exchange services are all running (see screenshot, initial post) on the guests and it's set to a triggered/manual start on the host. They're running, but the communication breaks down between host and guest must be due to EOL.

And I wholeheartedly agree that it needs to it needs to be out of the mix and migrated!
robklubsAuthor Commented:
Production snapshots won't work on OS's that are EOL or not specifically listed in MSFT documentation.
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