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VB6 - MSChart1 values inside columns


I would like to add the Label of each columns inside each columns instead of above? also i would like to have it with orientation 90 degrees. Is it also possible to have the text color in White inside the blue columns?

How can i do that?

User generated image
Here is part of the code i have to generate above chart.
  With MSChart1
             '  .ShowLegend = True
            .ChartType = VtChChartType2dBar
            Set .DataSource = RS
            For i = 1 To .Column
                .Plot.SeriesCollection(i).DataPoints(-1).marker.Visible = False
                .Plot.SeriesCollection(i).DataPoints(-1).DataPointLabel.LocationType = VtChLabelLocationTypeAbovePoint

        End With

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This looks pretty good. The only thing left would be to have it orientation 90 degrees. Is that possible?
It probably is, but I wasn't able to find anything to demonstrate how to achieve it.
I found it
.Plot.SeriesCollection(i).DataPoints(-1).DataPointLabel.TextLayout.Orientation = VtOrientationUp

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Thanks for your help. this is working great.