What is the most efficient way to create a search control with Datalist results in Site.Master and Default Content page

I've included a mock-up and a screen shot of what the search functionality looks like thus far and the default and Site.Master files along with code-behind.  I've run into a wall as with the search input in the site.master i'm not sure why the search input is not identifiable in the site.Master code-behind and if this approach/architecture is the most ideal.  as usual i'm up against time constraints so i was really looking to create the simple search textbox/input with Datalist control and set datasource up within the datalist.  But with the proposed mockup layout i have to create the datasourcce in the codebehind along with sorting options in the dropdown that have to be customized and I've been trying to see (testing out different code tactics) how to pass a datatable or dataset for each sortby "if" condition (currently commented out) to a list (where i can easily sort) and assign it to the datasource.  The other option was to create a user control search textbox,  a user control datalist control yet i still run into the same issue of having to pass resultset/dataset or dataTable to a list and assign to the user control datalist if that's even possible.  I"ve attached what I've done thus far.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
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I didn't look at your code but can you use a stored procedure to do your search and then bring back the resultset?

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twinlsDeveloperAuthor Commented:
The question has not been answered.  Im looking for suggedtion on how pattern architect such a solution.
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