Which technology to use to create a new eCommerce/shopping website?

Ravi Varma, PMP
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What is the best technology to create a new shopping website? Like JSP, bootstrap, aspx, angular, PHP etc…
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USE only  CMS for batter eCommerce website
generally all eCommerce website create in Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce And OpenCart
Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional
If you want free apps, you can use opencart or Magento. If you want commercial apps, you can use Shopify. All of these apps are responsive, bootstrap and uses html5
Laxmi SharmaDigital Marketer & Blogger

Here is a crisp data that can help -

1. Front End- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery
2. Server Side Scripting- PHP, ASP
3. CMS- WordPress + Woo commerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop
4. Database- MySQL, MSSQL
Starting with Angular 5

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What is the best technology to create a new shopping website?

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There is no best technology yet.  You need to consider based on your requirement like transaction, usage, total sku's etc.,

Generally you can go with standard shopping cart's already built with PHP. Like https://woocommerce.com/or Open Cart or Magento.
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So far, everybody has given you good choices for ready made carts.  But your question is asking about which technology to use and you have listed a handful of options.

There are several parts to this question though.  Which front end technologies to use?  which server side technology? and which database? are the typical breakdowns. All of this assumes more traditional hosting. But there is another dimension and that is to use traditional hosting or if you are planning on building an app for multiple devices, which is the best service? Such as Azure, Google Cloud or AWS.

Assuming  this will be traditional hosting you want to break out your front end and back end code.  Front end will be what is seen. This includes HTML, Javascript and CSS.    

Bootstrap is a responsive CSS grid at it's core and includes many other functions that help you quickly deploy a responsive website. There are alternatives such as https://foundation.zurb.com/ or http://getskeleton.com/.  Right now, Bootstrap is the most common and I personally would stick with that.

For javascript, you have more choices that can include angular, jquery, react, vue, knockout and others http://todomvc.com/  Right now, React appears to be the most popular with vue rising.   Check out the todmvc site and you can see how each works with the same app.

Now for the server side aspect. You are asking about JSP, .NET Or PHP.  I would go with the language you already know very well. Creating a shopping cart for production may not be the place to start learning a new language.  The advantage to php, is there are some good sources that are ready made and easily customizable. OpenCart has been mentioned and for me that is a good choice. As a developer, I find it cumbersome to modify Wordpress and for that reason, I don't like Woocommerce. If you are a not a developer and don't plan on making your own changes, Woocommerce and Wordpress has a plug in for just about anything you need and can get you up and running fast.
Ravi Varma, PMPTechnical Lead


Thank you Mohan, Sam, Laxmi, Loganathan and Scott Fell for your comments.
Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional

@ravi, can you award the points? thanks

All suggest good answer

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