Roku steaming stick remote won’t pair

I’ve purchased a total of 3 roku streaming sticks. The first one was defective and returned it to Amazon. The second  one was defective and I also returned it. The third one I went to Best Buy and made sure that they were able to pair the remote with one of their TVs. It was able to pair at the store. However, when I get home the remote control won’t pair.

So this is the same problem with all three streaming sticks. I cannot get the remote control to pair with the stick. I have done all the troubleshooting over the phone with Roku. We have done all the resets imaginable. It’s odd that it worked just fine at the store. I bought the very same Roku that they were able to pair and brought it to my house. When I get it here it’s asking me to pair it and the pair is unsuccessful.

Very frustrating. I don’t need any of the normal advice for how to pair and troubleshoot this device. Everything has been done that could possibly be done with regards to Roku support on the phone. And the fact that it works perfectly fine at the store.

Could there be something in my house such as conflict with some other remote controls that is impeding this? Any ideas that I haven’t thought of?
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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
The streaming sticks don't give you any option about anything but plugging them into an HDMI port on the TV which is usually on the back of the unit and the screen itself may be blocking the remote's connection with the ROKU.
That is why I prefer the ones with a cable and, usually, a small box that is the ROKU itself.
The remote control, by the way, uses infrared, not Bluetooth.
greghollAuthor Commented:
OK. More news. I took the Roku back to Best Buy. They plug it in to one of their TVs and it is paired beautifully. Didn't even come up asking to pair it. But when I'm at home, the remote just isn't recognized by the roku. It just prompts me to pair it.

One of the guys at Best Buy said that perhaps a close proximity to a router could interfere with the Blue Tooth signal.

So weird.

I'm think to myself, if there's anything that would possible cause interference, it would be the million electronic devices at the Best Buy store, and not my modest basement suite.

Any ideas, guys?
greghollAuthor Commented:
Awesome. Thank you.

At your suggesting, I'm looking at a refurbished Roku 3 digital streaming box. Would this be similar to the link you shared on eBay.

And just so I make sure I'm getting what I need. I'm wanting to be able to play a movie on my Mac, and then "beam" the movie to the TV screen. Sorry for my "non-tech" way of describing that. Would the Roku 3 digital streaming box fit my purpose?

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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Is it a SMART TV?
You may not need a ROKU at all if it is.
greghollAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's a smart TV. Maybe I'm totally overthinking this whole thing. I'll get back with the model of the TV
greghollAuthor Commented:
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Read this article on how to stream to your TV:,news-18335.html
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