Samsung S6 data recovery not working with blank, black locked screen.

I have a Samsung galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) from a friend. The display is broken (black screen). And additionally the cell phone is locked. :-(
So I can not make a data recovery/data transfer to another device since all is locked. I have tried Wondershare AND FoneLab software. There is a need to make a special order of pushing the home/power/volume-up-buttons. It onced worked, but not more anymore. Any other ideas how I can get the old data ?
(the cell phone is not rooted, USB-debugging is NOT turned on, I also tried OLG-USB keyboard to connect with no luck)
Uwe DegenhardtIT-ManagerAsked:
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Connect to a linux machine.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Uwe,

Is the glass broken or is the LCD broken? If its just the glass you can fix that really inexpensively ( If its the LCD (and the glass) that costs much more and really depends how much the data is worth to you (

There are many ideas here as well:

If you got it from a friend surely he/she knows their password. Use a USB cable and plug it into a computer and transfer all the files you need.

Let me now if you have any questions!

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Uwe DegenhardtIT-ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hey ! Thanks. No, the LCD+ glass is broken. The friend doesn't want it to Substitute and doesn't want to invest any money. I know the Password, but it doesn't help me, since with Fonepaw I don't get a Connection again as I said + I don't see what I type in. USB-cable (OTG) doesn't help. Just tried it. Any other ideas ?
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Uwe DegenhardtIT-ManagerAuthor Commented:
T. Zucker-Scharff mentioned: "Connect to a linux machine." And then ? What do you mean by this ? What exactly can you achieve with it doing so ? Mounting the device ? But how ? Did you do it already ? Can you please describe it a bit more detailed ?!
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Thomas (nudge), you want to address what you meant by your comment?
Uwe DegenhardtIT-ManagerAuthor Commented:
Couldn't find a solution, but thank you for your help Blue Street Tech
White DebiniCommented:
I meet the same issue as you have now, and I use the third-party software, FoneDog toolkit - Broken Android Data Extraction to restore Samsung data with a blank or black locked screen, you can refer the below link and find out how to fix this issue by yourself. Here is a tutorial for you learn, hope it helps you.
Uwe DegenhardtIT-ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi White Debini ! I don't have the S6 anymore, but thanks for the idea.  :-) The next time I will give it a try. ;-)
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