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Sophos XG - Fail to send mail

Client is using a Sophos XG Firewall to filter email. The XG had been configured in MTA mode and had been working with an Exchange 2010 server running on  Server 2008R2 for about 1 year. Over the weekend, the client updated the firmware from SFOS17.0.2 MR-2, to SFOS 1706 MR-6. After the update, Sophos log reported that email had been delivered from the Sophos to Exchange, but was not received in the client mailboxes.

A call to Sophos support resulted in turning the Sophos from MTA mode to Legacy mode which achieved the objective of Email being filtered and delivered to user mailboxes, however, any reports generated by the XG (i.e. Quarantine Digest) are not being delivered from the XG to Exchange.

One symptom which the Sophos tech was unable to explain was that he was able to telnet from a workstation into the Exchange server, and get a response, but not from the XG into the Exchange server. We would get "Connection refused". When reviewing the Sophos logs (after the change to Legacy mode), System Log reports "Fail to send mail: Cannot connect to mail server servername.domainname.com:25, when attempting to send a test from the XG.

There have been no changes to the email server and the only change is the XG firmware. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
I'm not familiar with Sophos XG but if you can't telnet from that device to Exchange via port 25 this normally would indicate a firewall issue. Check your network firewall to make sure that it's not blocking it. Also if you are using an internal relay to email from applications via Exchange make sure that he IP address for the Sophos XG is added to the allowed list of IP address on the internal receive connector, IF you are using one.
BPGAssociatesAuthor Commented:
Those are some good points. I will look at those tomorrow when I get back to the clients' site and let you know the results.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
Closing ticket, valid solution provide and author no longer responding with need for assistance. Issuing points unless author responds.
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