Add a previously called number to sales prospects from my phone easily

Ted Penner
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I set out trying to find an android app that would allow me to add a previously called number to sales prospects from my phone easily. I downloaded the Base app here but it doesn't seem to do this.

I know Base has a large following and I think it has free features. Do I need a different product or can Base do this?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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awking00Information Technology Specialist

I'm not sure you need an app. When I select phone from my android device, it shows a list of previously called numbers under recents. These numbers will remain until deleted and can easily be added to your contacts list where you can easily identify them as sales prospects.
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Can you provide more information about how to "easily identify them as sales prospects"?
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I don't think there is a way to do this out of the box.  If your caller id is tied to your contact list and and incoming call is not on your list, it will either be a prospect or solicitation or something else.  

If you were to use Google Voice or a Twillio number on your business cards and advertising, you can hook into their api's to generate contacts to your crm or contacts. Either of those choices will forward to your cell phone.  There are other VOIP services that will have similar features with findme/followme and api's.  In the end, it would probably be best to settle on a CRM system that has this functionality built in.  

fyi, the Base system you referred to uses Twillio to integrate voice already.

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