one pause a SQL server 2016 nodes on a AOG group, listener don't failover.


from SQL configuration manager I accidentally click pause SQL server service, for one of the SQL 2016 AOG SQL nodes,  then AOG listener still connect to that node and therefore SQL server can't connect anymore.

AOG in this case, don't failover to other node, any reason for that?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Asked:
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
It depends if you've configured it for automatic or manual failover. I'll guess that if it didn't failover automatically then it's set to manual failover.
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
but what I tried is, when I restart one SQL node it failvoer automatically and this means auto failover is working fine.

so why ..
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Restarting the SQL Server service won't make the Listener cluster resource to failover.
Restarting the server where the Listener is active in the cluster node, it will make it failover to the next available node.
That's why.

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marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
"Restarting the server where the Listener is active in the cluster node, it will make it failover to the next available node."

I restart the active node and it failover to the other node, but my question is I also paused the active node but it don't failover..
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Pause isn't the same as failover, isn't it?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
what I want to try is, actually I found the pause of SQL node stop the service and therefore service will stop, under this situation who AOG and WSFC handle it.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
I don't know how to pause a cluster node. Do you mean putting a cluster resource offline?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Ok, that's new for me. Never used it so I don't really know what's the impact of a Pause action.
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
this feature means remove service sit on top of that nodes before failover, I can't see why we need it.

WSFC will handle this for us when failover, specially by sth called dependency....
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Do you still need help on this question or it can be closed?
marrowyungSenior Technical architecture (Data)Author Commented:
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