windows hyper-v server restart problem

i was installing updates to our 2 windows 2012 r2 virtual servers, and had completely closed down our exchange 2016 server (hyperv), i then ran the updates on our domain controller, and ran the update and close down option.

i then moved on to the hyperv server itself and chose the update and restart option.

unfortunately, i did not verify that the update and close down had finished on our domain controller.

we now have the hyperv host “shutting down service: hyper-v virtual machine management, and it has been doing this for the past 45 mins.

the drive lights flicker every 10 seconds or so for a second or two, but it does not seem to be doing a great deal.

in addition i paused (rather than cancelling) our barracuda yosemite backup which was running prior to the restart.

my question is, can i just power cycle the server, or just wait? how long is reasonable to wait? will it ever complete, or is it hung somehow.

this is a production server and users are wIting to get back on it.

any advice appreciated.

many thanks
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Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerCommented:
You'll most likely need to restart the host. Normally Microsoft's checks and balances work out very well and everything gets rolled back properly and continues on its way. But you don't have too many options at this point.
Depends on the update. Do you know what update was applying? If it was just a security roll-up then you would probably be fine with reboot. If it is not, then you take a risk on corruption on reboot.

Casey is right, if everything works the way it is designed then the update will roll itself back on restart.

My suggestion however is to give it 1 hr 30 mins before the reboot. If it doesn't shutdown gracefully then perform the restart.
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
many thanks
i reset it and after a delay with merge in progress on the hyper-v manager all is now well.
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