Determine internal filetype of document (rtf or doc)

I have several documents that are actually *.rtf files, but the extension was changed to *.doc.
Now I need to know if it is actually a *.rtf or a real *.doc file.

So I'm looking for a Delphi function that will determine if a document-file internally is ​a *.rtf of *.doc file.
The function should handle older version of word documents too (like Word 98).
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAsked:
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Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
Simple - load first bytes of each file and check:
- if there is: {\rtf  (hex: 7b 5c 72 74 66) - then it is surely .rtf
- otherwise - is doc. - doc is a separate problem - there are many types of doc - for MS Doc first two bytes are: hex: D0 CF
Manuel Lopez-MichelonePhD candidateCommented:
A RTF starts with {\rtf. Read this from your target file and your problem is over.
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answers, but I was looking for a function that would return the filetype.
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Manuel Lopez-MichelonePhD candidateCommented:
A procedure written in  minutes. You'll get the idea:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    File1    : string;
    InFile   : file of char;
    FileDesc : string;
    i        : byte;
    B        : char;
  if Opendialog1.FileName <> '' then File1 := OpenDialog1.Filename;
  FileDesc := '';
  AssignFile(Infile, File1);
  for i := 1 to 5 do
    FileDesc := FileDesc + B;
  if FileDesc = '{\rtf' then Showmessage('File '+ File1 + ' is a RTF file');
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
FileDesc was scrambled, so it was never a rtf. Some changes made it work.

function TForm1.BestandIsRTF(CONST vBestandsnaam : String) : Boolean;
var LStrings: TStringList;
  Result := False;
  LStrings := TStringList.Create;
    Result := (Copy(LStrings.text, 1, 5) = '{\rtf');

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Manuel Lopez-MichelonePhD candidateCommented:
I tested my code and it works without problems. What kind of answer gave you FileDesc?
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
It had some chinese looking content.
Manuel Lopez-MichelonePhD candidateCommented:
Really? strange. Maybe something in your configuration I guess. Anyway, thanks for the answer.
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Any idea what might have caused that?
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.
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