Need to upgrade from version 12.1.6 on 2008 32 bit to new server for version 14.1 on server 2012 R2

We are running currently Symantec Endpoint version 12.1.6 on windows 2008 32 bit server. We now want to go to Endpoint version 14.1 which I know wont work on 32 bit OS.
So is there a way to build the new server on say 2012 R2 and install version 14.1 and then migrate over the database from the 12.1.6 version that is running on server 2008 32 bit?
If so, is there a good document to follow to make this happen?
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
post your question in Symantec / av topic

check prerequisites of latest version of Symantec
also check database .migration possibilities
vmichAuthor Commented:
ok will do thanks
vmichAuthor Commented:
post on Symantec web site
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