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Run-time error 3075

strQuery = "SELECT qryRptData.custnum, qryRptData.Cusname, qryRptData.1, qryRptData.2, " & _
             "qryRptData.3, qryRptData.4, qryRptData.5, qryRptData.6, qryRptData.RecDays, qryRptData.DelDays, " & _
             "qryRptData.amnum, qryRptData.amname, qryRptData.SGMGR, qryRptData.SGNAM, qryRptData.email FROM qryRptData WHERE qryRptData.amnum = '" & manum & "';"

CurrentDb.QueryDefs("Query12").SQL = strQuery

When this is passed is throws Run-time error '3075:
Tom Bishop
Tom Bishop
1 Solution
Dale FyeCommented:
Is this Access?  Access does not generally like columns with names which start with numbers.  Generally you need to wrap those with brackets:

strQuery = "SELECT qryRptData.custnum, qryRptData.Cusname, qryRptData.[1], qryRptData.[2], " _
         & "qryRptData.[3], qryRptData.[4], qryRptData.[5], qryRptData.[6], qryRptData.RecDays, qryRptData.DelDays, " _
         & "qryRptData.amnum, qryRptData.amname, qryRptData.SGMGR, qryRptData.SGNAM, qryRptData.email " _
         & "FROM qryRptData WHERE qryRptData.amnum = '" & manum & "';"

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But I would follow this with:

debug.print strQuery
and would put a break point on the line that sets the sql property of the query to that value.  This way, you can copy the value from the immediate window, paste it into a query and try to run it, if the syntax is wrong, it will tell you what is wrong.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Is qryRptData.amnum a Numeric field, or Text?

If it's Numeric, remove the single quotes around your variable.

Also, be sure your variable contains a value.
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