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12V door entry latch release from WIFI connected device

hi there,

I'm considering to setup a simple wifi controlled door entry system. Currently i have a door which can be opened with a key, or you can be buzzed in via the intercom.

I'd like to include a switch to release the latch that's activated by pressing a button on a mobile app.

It could get more sophisticated, but that would be a start to cover the hardware side.

I'd need to install a wifi-connected unit that can trigger a 12V switch.

Any suggestions / ideas how to start?

Maybe something from here: http://netio.davideickhoff.de/en/

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Martin MillerCTOCommented:
You are already heading in the right direction for a solution :-)

Looks like a fun project, let us know the final resultant.

You need to consider the conversion of digital I/O to an OPEN/CLOSE relay-switch. The Relay will allow an actuation of the switch to unlatch the door.  I have seen industrial versions, but, these are expensive, e.g. check Granger Catalog.

xeniumAuthor Commented:
hi guys, thanks for the tips and encouragement :-)

Did some more googling and seems there's a lot out there. Still it's murky waters for me.

I'm wandering for the switch if something as simple at this would do it...


This one seems to be for switching AC devices, but something similar maybe.
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xeniumAuthor Commented:
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
These are all interesting options to experiment with. May I suggest you share the final project on experts-exchange as an article, include a simple diagram, and links to all of the options you tested with pro-con from your project.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
I use ESP8266 chips with relay shields. Very cheap and already has WiFi. I also work perfectly with http://blynk.io
Another option is an Arduino WiFi with relay shields but this is more expensive, as used here with sensors.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Don't forget about the security of the lock - That is of paramount importance.
Consider an electromagnetic locking mechanism with a good battery backup.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the tips & suggestions. It's looking maybe a little out of my skill area, but I'll try to work on something over the next couple weeks.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Ok happy to close this as it maybe a while till i get round to this, though i still intend to update here once i have something working. I may use an Arduino setup of some sort:

Note sure yet if this will help: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/64798/can-an-arduino-use-a-12-v-relay
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
Several good suggestions made, can we close this ?
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