ubuntu apache2

apache2 on ubuntu(16.04), took to long to respond.
 it was working before update and upgrade. service is runnig and nagios on it it's ok but no page.
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JasaidaAuthor Commented:
its wirking now.  its because i was out of office and make a bad rolle. then i can't see server. i need to check my firewall and this server.
it's because i have install samba active directory on it but this server is not dns and i need to have this ip on my windows dns, ..... .
i open som issue for my active directort .
if you guys expert on it i can may be mention it here?
Martin MillerCTOCommented:
A couple things to check...

==> Can you confirm there is a listener on port 80 ?

Run this and check for the listener in the text file.

netstat -a | grep LISTEN >  listeners.txt

==> Check Log files

/var/log/apache2.log   or httpd.log or other name  form startup script/config ??  look for startup errors.
check whether the httpd.conf changed/reset?
What was the page plain html, php, worker process ties into tomcat.

Unfortunately, the description you provide for what happened before this issue arose is the main difficulty in guestimating what might have happened.
Are you upgrading from 14.x to 16
which version was in place before the transition to the 16 that you now have?

is the page/site recent or was this in place since the begining where you had other ubuntu versions.

Like Marin pointed out, looking at the log to see what you can glean and share with us that might help identify the issue you are facing.
/var/log/apache2 or /var/log/httpd it all depends on where your /etc/httpd or /etc/apche2/ based httpd.conf file is where the conf.d/*.conf files point...
JasaidaAuthor Commented:
find the reason
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