Orphan VM left in VMware 5.5

I find there are several orphan VMs left on the server. If I select "Remove form Inventory", will it physically remove those orphans files ?
How to completely remove those files on the server ?

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)Connect With a Mentor VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Many reasons, management of ESXi directly, and not through vCenter, sometimes, vCenter database gets corrupted and confused, datastores disappear.

It's not uncommon, and if you manage vSphere long enough you will come across it.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Right Click Remove from Inventory

It will not remove them from disk

Are you missing any VMs from your inventory?
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Those VMs are created long time ago and we haven't used it anymore.

Why does it appear like that ?

Ajay ChananaMCSE-2003/08|RHCSA| VCP5/6 |vExpert2018Commented:
This issue happen when you have outage where esxi lost connectivity with the vcenter server. On the top if you have registered the VM on different host. Since the vCenter do not find the VM on the Host it will show it as orphan.

In the above case usually the VM is registered on another host. So as andrew said there is no harm in removing the vm from inventory it will not delete you data.

I hop that helps.
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