After driver update printers not retaining print settings on print server

Need to update drivers on our printers on our print server.  I did with this with one or two.  It was straight forward enough except:-

1.  After the driver update when A3 documents would be printed instead of A4.
2.  Users would also be prompted to update the driver and then asked to provide admin credentials to install them.

Some of these printers we have 100 or so people printing to them.

Really don't want to cause too much of a disruption.

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James BunchSystems AnalystCommented:
When you deploy this driver from the server the best way to prevent admin privilege prompts is to make sure that all users have access to the printers you want then allow them to use the path to that print server "Windows Explorer:  \\server01\printers". It would be easier for them to remove the printer and re-add it at that point instead of running an update. This should prevent disruptive prompts from stopping the process.
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