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Could you please explain how and where are emails stored in Exchange online hybrid configuration after you move a mailbox from on premises server to online? I have a test environment and after I moved the mailbox I can still access it through local server, did not change server name in outlook?

Also is there a way to use hybrid mode as a fallback option in case that Exchange online becomes unavailable, is there an option to have on premises and online mailbox synced somehow?
Dominik SturlanAsked:
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Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
The on-premises mailbox should be disconnected after a successful hybrid mailbox move.  You may not have completed the mailbox migration to Office 365 (mailbox is synchronized and awaiting completion, but not cut over yet).

No, it's not a "mailbox stays in perpetual sync" situation with the native Exchange hybrid configuration. It can only exist in one place or another.
Aaron GuilmetteTechnology Solutions ProfessionalCommented:
For more information on what exactly a hybrid solution is, please see
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