Need to Isolate V0IP traffic on a GS724T v4 Switch

I've got a NETGEAR  GS724T V4 Managed switch with a VLAN set up using the Auto VoIP setting for 6 ports to serve VoIP phones at a client's location. The other ports are set to default. The IP for the switch is  The switch is on a network.

1) Do I need to set up another subnet for this VLAN (, or will these ports just be isolated from the traffic on the other ports of this switch.
2) If I do need to set another subnet, how do I set either static IPs or DHCP for these 6 ports on the subnet?

Thanks lots for your insight.
Mark LitinOwnerAsked:
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1) Create the second subnet on your router. Ideally, your router can do VLANs. That will keep your life the easiest.

2) As far as the switch goes, generally about port membership. What are you using as the DHCP server? You shouldn't need any additional equipment.

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echo masnrock, you should setup a separate segment. for the phones, where is your DHCP server, IP helper (DHCP relay agent) definded on the switch to forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server for the second segment scope is defined.
Soem switches level 3 have their own internal DHCP server optoins, the other in a VLAN this means you have to have a router where this VOIP/VOICE VLAN is also defined and that is where you would define the IP segment for the VLAN and the DHCP service to provide IPs to this VLAN.

switch depending on the setup, may need to have an IP helper/DHCP relay agent defined for the VLAN since broadcasts do not cross boundaries, a VLAN DHCP discovery will be limited to devices within this VLAN.
Configuration on the switch speeds up if the DHCP server is on a different segment, i.e. a server versus a router VLAN interface ....
Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the follow-up.  The router in place won't doesn't support VLAN config, so I'm getting one the does (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER x).  I will convert the current router to an Access point.

The switch has VoIP accommodations built in that can be assigned to desired VLANs that can be employed to enhance the VoIP experience.

More once it's all in place, probably Thursday.
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Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:
just got the router and will config and test it out
Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:

I set up the EdgeRouter X to generate two LANs with DHCP ( and

For the purpose of using the 192.168.1.x network for general networking (PCs, printers and WiFi) and the 192.168.20.x network for VoIP phones, can I just use two dumb switches, one for each subnet?  If so, what would recommend in optimizing the VoIP network?

Thanks for any insights.
For the purpose of using the 192.168.1.x network for general networking (PCs, printers and WiFi) and the 192.168.20.x network for VoIP phones, can I just use two dumb switches, one for each subnet?
Yes, provided that there are separate outlets. So don't try to daisy chain computers to phones. VLANs would have just let you do more with less equipment and wires.

If so, what would recommend in optimizing the VoIP network?
Check to see whether the router will let you reserve bandwidth by subnet.
Yes. You would could use dumb switches, the disadvantage in these is you would not be able to use the port on the phone for PC and have the prioritization available on a smart switch that will put the phone on the voice vlan and the PC connected through it on its own data vlan.

Usually, you would want to have a POE switch for the phones to minimize the number of wires, power location for the phone.
Poe switch will provide power over the Ethernet cable to the phone.
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