How to recover files in phone?

Bless Gervacio
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How can i restore my files using backup. ? I just lost all the photos, videos and music in my phone.  I don't know whats the reason, I just open my mobile data and boom after that all files was lost.
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what type of os is installed ?
is your data is not backed up online ?
is the data in SD card or phone storage?
are you able to power on the  phone ?

Did you tried using any software to recovery ?
check this -
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If your phone had IOS 11, there may be files you need in Apple iCloud. Log into that with your Apple ID.

If you are using Android, presumably all your photos and videos etc were being automatically backed up to Google, unless you chose the option to disable this.

If so, then just download them again.

With your music, same goes if you were using Google Play, but if they are on a third-party service, then you might have to re-download them from there, and how you do that would depend on that service.

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