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Is it beneficial to have multiple scopes in DHCP

Maybe a bit of a phylosophical question. Is there a benefit to have a miltiple scopes in DHCP?  This place has at least 8-9 scopes.
voip, corp, eng, no-eng, prod,eng-wifi,no-engwifi, guest-wifi, etc, etc,
I never setup that many multiple scopes. Always thought if you do then you doing broadcast thru multiple VLAN and killing the purpose of having a VLAN.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We do this with VLAN or other separation techniques.  Have a guest scope in the same total DHCP range as production scope does not give any separation. So I would not do this.
R@f@r P@NC3RVirtualization SpecialistCommented:

It is very useful to configure multiple areas in a DHCP server since it allows you to configure different IP addressing ranges, for the services or roles that you want to implement within your infrastructure, as well as the VLANs that you want to configure in a network environment.

If you ask if it is beneficial, the answer is YES.

Is there a benefit to have a miltiple scopes in DHCP?
I would say yes there is. I tend to do this in conjunction with VLANs, which is what it sounds like what your network has going on. Namely in terms of being able to segregate network traffic and reducing broadcast domains (note that this doesn't reduce the number of broadcasts that might occur, just the portion of the overall network that has to deal with a given broadcast).

This place has at least 8-9 scopes.
Exactly how the scopes are laid out is more philosophical. Many places would do it taking into consideration criteria such as site, location within a site (i.e. floor), purpose (i.e. telco, security cameras, guest wireless), or even department.
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