DHCP for VPN question

Normally VPN DHCP scope is always setup on DHCP server or device.  At this place I see the scope is completely separate on corporate AD DHCP.
Is there a benefit to have the VPN DHCP scope outside of the DHCP device.

For now I configured it right on OpenVPN server unless i hear otherwise fro myou guys.  Thanks!
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It depends on factors?
If admin is network guy, he would prefer it on device
If admin is Windows guy he loves to keep it on server
With server u have gui, logs and troubleshooting made bit easy as compared to device dhcp
If server is in. HA you also get HA for dhcp
Note that existing dhcp server is preferred, otherwise you need server license only to build dhcp for vpn
Also u can restart dhcp service in case if required on server without disrupting network, however this is not the case in case u have device dhcp, you need to reboot device and it may disrupt network
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
thie simple is easy monitoring using GUI...

if configure create seperate range ... scope depends upon your requirements ....to not to conflict with existing ... range.. or scope...

all the best
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