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How to retrieve information from client´s MS Office 365 calendars

I´m running a miniature callcenter with business clients who use Microsoft Office 365 as their enterprise calendar system. The clients usually have anything from 10 to 200 employees using O365 calendars. I need to be able to get our callcenter program to tap into the client´s calendars and retreive information (free/busy is most important).

Some background info that may be useful: We run FreePBX (Asterisk) as our telephony platform. Our agents use an in-house developed program to handle the calls and get info about the clients. The program is fully customizable (developed in Delphi) and talks with a MySQL db where all the client info is stored.

When our callcenter agent gets a call to one of the client´s phone number, the client´s company info is displayed together with a complete listing of all the employees. We currently have no way of telling if the employee is free or busy, as we cannot access their calendar. I would need to get that information added to the employee info in our MySQL db. Perhaps synchronized once every 5 minutes.

How would you suggest me to go about this? I accept suggestions to 3rd party plugins (for example for Delphi). Freelance gig may also be accepted.

Thanks and sorry about my bad english.
Janne Lillkvist
Janne Lillkvist
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In order for you to be able to retrieve available information from your clients calendar they will have to share their calendar availability with a (generic?) user of your organization. Then this generic user will have permissions to retrieve the availability information from the calendars.
Janne LillkvistEntrepeneurAuthor Commented:
zvitam: Thanks. Just need to check if I understood you correctly: We need an O365 account of our own (a generic one) that our clients can share their calendars to. Does this mean that every employee of the client needs to go in to settings and share their calendar or can it be done centrally (client´s usually have enterprise o365).
No - This can be automated using a powershell script by your client's o365 administrator.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
fwiw, you might want to consider privacy ...
i wouldn't want my calendar details be known by an external company

some people store  resume info about new employees in their calendar at the time of the appointment
might cause some discussions between you and your employee when you see your employee's resume popping up in that clients calendar system
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