Delay in mails

I have problem related to delay mails sent by some domains to my domain , i have exchange 2007 installed in windows server 2003 , i know it is old version and i am working now in migration project  , they complain that sent mails since 3 days and i just received it today so how i can solve this case or trace where is the problem comes from .
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Is that within the server or going out of the organisation.... by the sound of it I am assuming the latter in which case have a look in the received headers of the message to see when it got passed from one server to another  - drag the message to your desktop for instance to make an EML file and look at it in Notepad.
I would start by check your domain DNS records that problems with your DNS records definition may cause such delays.
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
you can check the following

which is 30 days free trial will give you the complete report.

as well as you can check the email  headers using the following tool.. to get the email complete transport details

all the best
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AlkannetworksAuthor Commented:
thanks for the mail header i have attached otherwise did not giving me a result
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Your initial question is about incoming mail being delayed and, in many ways, that is outside of our control.  Almost every third party email service uses a scanning service to check for spam and viruses.  How long it takes them to process and then relay the message can be an eternity.

P.S. Your RE--.msg attachment is not a file format that can be readily opened by most experts.  You should be able to SAVE AS a TXT file and then post that so we can inspect it.
AlkannetworksAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks , this is attached file
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
It may just be me but am still not able to read the txt file. As Davis said, how we solve this depends on if the delay is with internal or external messages.
AlkannetworksAuthor Commented:
dears , thanks the dealy comes from external not from internal the sender sending mail from there emails to me .
AlkannetworksAuthor Commented:
but the issue that i am in these emails in cc beside my account in google or hotmail , i received the mail in my gmail at the same time delay comes when the mails comes to my domain .
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Something is messing up your email headers!
There ought to be numerous entries stating "Received From:" which list the mail server relaying the message and there ought to be a chain of them reaching from the sending server to the endpoint (your mail server).  There should also be entries with the originating ip address of the sender, what program they were using with time stamps on each entry in the entire header.
It is those headers that will tell us which relay is experiencing extremely long delays.
How do you determine the email is/was delayed?

The tine stZmp of the message is not authoritative. It is a reflection of the time setting on the computer used to send it.
Looking at the full message headers, Received: lines from the top, most recent to the bottom
You can see when the message was received by the first nail server (added the first, closest most to the From: line)
Take note of the timestamp including time zone.

Mainly sone nail clients have the option to queue (place outgoing messages in outbox) so the message could have composed hours before check/send triggered.
Would appear based on what you see that it was delayed by hours.

Depending on your mail client, sone have the sorting of incoming messages based on the date/time the message is received versus when the message was sent.

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