Iphone and access point

I have add a second access point (for wireless network) and i would like to configure an iphone 8 to choose the access point which i nearest to the access point.
Any advice what setting is needed to change ?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Without a Wi-Fi mesh installation (not worth it for two access points) there is no way to do this.

Give the Access points the same SSID and the iPhone may change or you may need to disconnect and reconnect to the stronger point.
GasAuthor Commented:
I have already gave to the access point the same SSID. I think that i need to change few setting to connect to the nearest access point
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
With two access points and the same SSID, a phone will not do a good job of picking - just what it sees.

Consider a central but stronger single wireless  access point.
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As John indicates, IPhones are crap at this.  You'll probably find some Android phones will do better, but older Androids (five years ago, say) may not be able to get it right either, and knowing that doesn't help anyone stuck with such devices.

Given you only have two APs, maybe look at options to boost or repeat the signal of one of those, and discard the other so that you present as a single WiFi.  Ruckus were doing some good gear that handles this situation well last year, but things change rapidly so probably best to look around.

Hope that helps.


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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
do they appear as two wifi networks - extended (Wifi01, Wifi02) or appear one network - Hotspot?
I don't know of any phones that natively support connecting to the nearest AP of a WLAN having more than one, A high-end managed wireless network will present itself as a single WLAN to devices wanting to connect and will hand off such devices to different APs within itself transparently and seamlessly. However, the key point here is that this is done by the WLAN and not by the client device.
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