Traffic shapping for Veeam Backup and SCVMM

Rik Van Lier
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Traffic shapping for Veeam Backup:

he we use VEEAM backup to backup my Hyper-V hosts.

we are running SCVMM 2016 to manage al our vm's and hosts.

how can i set that Veeam backup uses another networkcard then my regular network traffic for my vm's.

i need to do this in scvmm i think but nu idea how to.
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hi  in your environment if you want to connect backup traffic shaping you can use seperate subnet with anothernetwork card ... create connection between Hyper-V host and Backup if the destination is seperated.. (either san NAS, DAS, Storage/tape/Mapped Drive)

either you use ethernet, SAS, Fiber... its upd to you...

all the best
ICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  
For that you need a physical network.

Using network interfaces on both side and using a isolated subnet and VLAN.

Then in Veeam in Windows hosts file, Add an entry with hyper-v IP (from that isolated subnet).

This always make Veeam using that subnet.

If you use any Veeam proxy, you should also do the same process.
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  

The answer was answered in both.

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