Installing paid apps on a iPad that belongs to the organisation

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We have some iPads which belongs to the organisation and these iPad are used by dedicated staff and registered to our organisation account.
One of the staff would like to install app and I am not sure if the app is free app or paid app.

I was told that when trying to install the app it was asking the password of the mail account registered (I have the password)

Now if the staff install a paid app using her card and when she leaves the organisation, will this app will be tied with the registered organisation account?
Will she not be able to retrieve the same app to install to on another iPad if she wishes?

Please suggest and any help will be much appreciated.
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Omar SoudaniSenior System Engineer
Yes, it will be tied with the registered organisation account. You can add her personal account and let her use her credit card to buy it while logged in using her account, and then log back to the organisation account. The app will work fine with no issues, but every time the app needs an update she must update it while logged in with her account.
Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional
purchases in the app store are related with email, so when i buy something using .. the apps will be associated with that account. when an employee quits work, change that email password.

or you can just make a user account, name it ... and make all purchases to be through that account.


Please let me know how to add her personal account step by step.

Do I need to ask her to setup a personal iCloud account? and then ask her to use this account on the iPad to buy apps using her credit card.?
Senior System Engineer
Go to settings > iTunes & App Store > click on the apple ID > sign out. That's your company account.

Now she can log in using her account, she can sign in if she already has one, or sign up to create a new one. After logging in she can use her credit card to buy the application she wants. And she can also download it on her personal iPad at home.

After doing this, you can do the steps above again, and use your company account log in. She can still use the app; but you have to repeat the steps every time the app gets a new update.

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