Will merging these two discs break my File Server

My File Server drive is fast approaching its limit and I need to add more space. This server is a XenCenter server so I am limited to 2tb. However, I can add a secondary basic disc and merge it with my 2tb basic disc to create a dynamic disc. Here is my question regarding this. When I try to convert I get the following message.
dynamic.PNGI do not use the 2tb disc to boot so am I safe to complete this merge?
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorAsked:
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R@f@r P@NC3RConnect With a Mentor Virtualization SpecialistCommented:
good afternoon

Remember that the change from basic to dynamic is at the disc level, not at the volume level.

You can do the following: Option 2 and 3 are left to your decision.

1- Make a backup of all the data you have in that unit and validate that the restoration process works.

2- Create another basic disk with GPT partition, GPT is compatible with Windows Server 2008 where you can store up to 3 TB, with MRB partition stores only two 2TB.

3- You can transform your basic disks to dynamic ones. take into account that if you have the operating system on one of those disks that you are going to use for the transformation, you can not start the operating system.

I remain attentive to your comments.

Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
Yes, you are safe, but as always....  Make a backup and verify it can be restored and working in the event something goes sideways.
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure it is not the OS/boot disk because you cannot extend that by adding another span to it although you can still use mount points.
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input. I am not using either disc as a boot disc so I am good. And I am using GPT to extend it. Now to get a snapshot and make sure it loads properly.
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