Outlook 2013 client when opened stuck on loading profile and where outlook is already opened - its says the folder was last updated at 4:00am


We have exchange 2007 and outlook 2013 and since last 1 month, in the morning when staff come and open the outlook client, it gets stuck in Loading profile screen and doesn’t proceed further. On my PC I keep outlook client opened always and when I saw the client at 9:00pm, on the outlook windows it was saying folder last updated at 4:00am.

During this time, I logged into out exchange server and noticed that Microsoft information store was still running and when I restarted the information store, the outlook client got updated and also the outlook client loaded successfully on other workstations. I am planning to migrate to 0365 in another 4 months  and need to keep the exchange up and running till then.

This is happening once in 2 days, please let me know how to troubleshoot and fix this problem.
Any help much appreciated.
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
if i were you, and since restarting rhe information store fixed it, i would create a batch file with the command to restart the service
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" /y
net start "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" 

Open in new window

net stop MSExchangeIS /y
net start MSExchangeIS

Open in new window

and create a task in task scheduler to run this task before the staff come, let's say 7.30AM. yes this is a temporary solution till you migrate to O365

you can also check this solution mentioned here https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/23531161/How-can-I-automatically-restart-the-MS-Exchange-Information-Store-Service-each-day-at-6-am.html
Hasin Ahmed ChoudharyExchange AdministratorCommented:
Do you many servers? Are those behind the load balancer. During issue, point one of the clients to one specific server using host file one by one and identify which server is affected.

It could be performance issue too, Check the performance counter at the time of issue-specific for RPC request.
Does OWA work at that time of issue?
lianne143Author Commented:
We have only one Exchange server on site.
How to check the performance counter at the time of issue-specific for RPC request.
I have not tested OWA during the time of issue , I can try this and post the results.
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Hasin Ahmed ChoudharyExchange AdministratorCommented:
Go to this link.  Check for mailbox counter :https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb201689(v=exchg.80).aspx

You may check online in performance counter or collect perfwiz data.

Looking at the description, it looks more of performance related issue.
lianne143Author Commented:
I understand creating a batch file restarting the information store every morning is a good plan. I am bit worried if something is wrong with the exchange database and if I don't fix initially the actual cause and leave it for 4 months and the database becomes completely corrupted ?

Will there be any evidence in the Event logs
lianne143Author Commented:
I checked OWA if it is working during the time of issue and OWA doesn't work , It keeps searching and searching and finally it brings this error

Microsoft Exchange issued an unexpected response (500).


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Url: https://mail.myorg.uk:443/owa/default.aspx

Exception type: System.Web.HttpException
Exception message: Request timed out.

Call stack

No callstack available
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