Last Full Backup dates are not the same

I have rather a disturbing issue in my exchange environment.

I am running exchange 2010 DAG on win2008 R2 the backups are being run by DATA protector.
the report on data protector reads as complicated with no fails,
But when i run the command on power shell (Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | select Name,LastFullBackup)  
the dates are not the same

Database         LastFullBackup
EDB01           -2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM
EDB02           -2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM
EDB03            -2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM

  EDB04          -2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM
  EDB05          2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM
  EDB06         -2018/03/09 03:05:20 PM

  EDB07        2018/03/23 05:05:04 PM
  EDB08        2018/03/23 05:05:04 PM
  EDB09        2018/03/23 05:05:04 PM
  EDB010      2018/03/23 05:05:04 PM

i am running daily reports scrips via power shell that reports in HTML format ON scheduled time  morning and afternoon .
Welile TshabalalaAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Are you referring to HP Data Protector and do you have the exchange add-in?
viktor grantExchange ServersCommented:
Hi Welile,

Normally it could be that since 2018/03/09, it is not full backup, Check the event viewer regarding:

Source: MSExchangeIS
Date: Date-Time
Event ID: 9827
Task Category: Exchange VSS Writer

Could check if backup is successfully?

Welile TshabalalaAuthor Commented:
David Johnson:

Yes i am referring to that HP Data Protector and no i do not have add-in
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Welile TshabalalaAuthor Commented:
@viktor grant

I have checked the Exchange VSS Writer and the is no errors !
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
That would explain the exchange backup problem you are facing
viktor grantExchange ServersCommented:
Best solution david...issue seems to be solved
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