Ecommerce Platform and Considerations

I am a college student. I have some money I inherited and I was thinking about starting an eCommerce site for vapes and juices.

I wanted some advice to see what platform I should use. To show you where my coding skills are at a project I am working on is available at

I've played around with Woocommerce. I'm intrigued by Magento.

I've also wondered about building an ecommerce site from scratch or with Laravel.

Thanks for your help, if I could make 1k a month I could pay expenses. What do I need to begin researching? Is this a foolish use of my money?
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burnedfacelessConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm actually a little more confident about this now. I can start selling on eBay and Amazon immediately.

I've decided on Woocommerce - Magento is too far beyond where I am, and building it from scratch is too much work.

So my question is updated to this - what do I need to be doing to make this a successful endeavor? SEO for ecommerce is a no-brainer but what else should I check out

I just found Woocommerce product feed.

Recommendations like that will be welcomed.

I'll keep this question open for a while to get some feedback.
burnedfacelessAuthor Commented:
I think I've decided to use Magento.

Woocommerce has a ton of plugins, and it is great for people who can't code or for building cheap things for clients.

I asked this question because I read a Forbes article that said start small and don't invest time into something that might fail. But if I learn Magento that is an investment in itself.

I visited an ecommerce store, one that will be a competitor and I visited the home page after I had viewed a product and it had personalized recommendations. Those are the people I have to compete with.

I'm not going to spend a dime until I know Magento and I can build a good website.

If anyone has any advice, I've never worked with MVC or any patterns before. Otherwise I'll close this question.
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